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Hotel Langgenhof with Outdoor Pool
The Garden Restaurant in Summer
Sunbathing in the Garden

Think green – think about the future

Because we care about our planet

Langgenhof goes green - Because it’s a matter dear to us, we also take responsibility for our environment and do our part for a better future:

  • we are connected to the local CHP plant, which is operated exclusively with biomass and wood
  • we buy our electricity from local hydropower company
  • by providing a charging station, you can load your e-car during your stay with us (type 2 power socket)
  • we use energy-saving lamps, motion detectors and timers in public areas
  • waste separation and recycling are very important
  • shower gel, soaps and shampoo are based on natural mountain oils and essences that come from local dispenser in the way to reduce garbage and also to avoid long transport routes; all the products are from our neighbor, the company "Vitalis”
  • our water and beverage bottles are all reusable bottles
  • we give great importance to the purchase of local regional products
  • in summer we use herbs and vegetables from our own garden
Be yourself the change you want for the world.
M. Ghandi
Hand in hand

You can help, too!

For the sake of the environment, we kindly ask our guests to pay attention to the following points during their stay:

  • use your towels several times and put them only on the floor, when we are supposed to change them
  • bring your own slippers (of course we also have some at the reception), to avoid unnecessary garbage
  • do not let the water run unnecessarily when brushing your teeth
  • only use the small button when flushing the toilet
  • switch off the light when you leave the room
  • turn off the heater as soon as you open the windows
  • use the free public transport or the hotel's rental bicycles in summer to explore the landscape
  • pay attention to our unique flora and fauna and bring all kinds of garbage back into the valley
  • do not damage plants and do not scare animals

Because what we do today determines what the world will look like tomorrow. Hand in hand with our employees and our guests. Our fate does not depend on the stars - but on our actions.

Products Vitalis Team Dr. Joseph
Natural cosmetics, massages, and wellness products…
“We work with the most intelligent laboratory in the world. We work with the nature.” - This is the guiding principle of VITALIS Dr Joseph, a certified company based in Bruneck. A hallmark of this company is professionalism, which is based solely on knowledge that has been handed down for centuries. VITALIS Dr Joseph produces natural cosmetics, massage and wellness products, many of which carry the "bio-certified cosmetics" brand. VITALIS Dr Joseph, a reliable and competent partner for the highest demands and personal needs. A wide range of products (available at our reception) will spoil you for the duration of your stay and inspire you to live with delights from our region and to do business sustainably.